Sugar Rush – 3 Minute Thesis

Apologies for the notable absence – although I have been rather busy lately with many different things, including this… …my 3 minute thesis! Quite simple really, in that it ‘does what it says on the tin’, or rather the PowerPoint slide. It’s a 3 minute roundupĀ of your research project, all conveniently squeezed into only 3 […]

11 square meals a day

Do you usually get your 3 square meals a day? Well, how aboutĀ 11 meals a day? That’s what I’m trialling today. It’s for something called a ‘post-prandial steady state feeding protocol’, which in essence is a scientific way of saying ‘little and often’. The idea is that by consuming regular small hourly meals, it’s possible […]

Thing 1

Hello everyone and thanks for checking in. I’ve named my blog ‘fructoseguy’ as that pretty much describes my project as succinctly as possible – I study the effects of fructose on human health – specifically the how eating fructose may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke). I’m just beginning a human study […]